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sparkling lake in the French Pyrenees mountains


Original creations inspired by nature.

Eco-friendly clothing & accessories

Nature-inspired style

Original designs combining the colours of nature with people's passions.

We don’t want you squeezed into a mould! Nat-Ts' unique clothing designs are here to give you oodles of choices. We combine the stunning hues of nature with people's passions, so that you can celebrate your individuality with nature-inspired style.​

Nat-Ts designs are created in New Zealand, using photos taken in Europe and Oceania. No filters were used to capture or alter the gorgeous colours.
Our love of nature, and the stunning hues it shares with us every day, means we've sourced more environmentally-friendly print-on-demand items. Our clothes and accessories are made from either (or a combination of) organic, recycled or plant-based materials. 

If there's a combination of our photo colours and/or designs that you'd like to buy but isn't yet available, email and let us know what you'd like to see. If we can, we'll add your combo to our store and let you know when it's available to purchase. 

The colours of each image are photos of nature, so there is a variation of colour within each image. The details are more discernable on polished surfaces (e.g. ceramic), and less so on loose weave (e.g. linen). 

Nat-Ts' designs are printed worldwide, enabling customers from across the globe to buy close to home. This does mean that some items will be printed on the other side of the world to where you are, so delivery can take, on average, from 2 to 30 days after printing, depending on the distance between you and the printer. Our suggestion - enjoy scrolling through our store and order gifts within plenty of time.

Nat-Ts Logo - a green and white double spiral
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